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Prior Authorization 

What is Prior Authorization?

Health insurance companies use prior authorization to determine the cost of medical care.  Getting prior authorization will inform you on your cost, if any, for a particular service or product. 

Is my COVID test covered?

Is Tampa Urgent Care in-network for my care?

What is my co-pay?

Getting prior authorization can answer all of the questions above.  If your insurance provider is not listed on our webpage you can receive prior authorization from your insurance provider. 


With prior authorization, the insurance provider may approve the service with us and charge at a lower rate.  Most insurances do not require prior authorization for Emergency and Urgent Care services.  Its is recommended you call and verify

Your insurance provider will provide you with a authorization number please bring this authorization number during your visit or have the insurance company fax us the authorization at 813-616-8809

You will need the following information when calling your insurance.

NPI: 1891164398

EIN: 47-389-5436

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